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Most people with ADD/ADHD experience frustrating visits to mental and medical health professionals because they are not evaluated correctly or thoroughly. ADD/ADHD often exists with other disorders, such as anxiety, various learning problems, Autism, and other neurophysiological disorders, causing it to be misdiagnosed, misunderstood or ignored completely. Alabama Focus Center hopes to change all of that with Neurofeedback training.

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About Neurofeedback:

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback for training the brain. It helps with ADD and ADHD and has been used by trained professionals for decades. With neurofeedback, people are given continuous feedback about their brainwaves and provided constant rewards in real time encouraging their brain to develop new pathways for learning.

Neurofeedback – also known as EEG Biofeedback – is an approach of therapy for ADHD that has been studied and practiced for a number of years.  In neurofeedback training, individuals are provided with real-time feedback about their brainwave activity and taught to use that information to regulate a dysregulated brain.  As a method for training people with ADHD, neurofeedback is based on findings that measurements of brain activity in many individuals with ADHD indicate reduced activity in the prefrontal region and frontal lobes (cortical slowing).  Neurofeedback training is designed to train individuals to increase the production of brainwave patterns that reduce or eliminate this cortical slowing, and thus reduce or eliminate many associated ADHD symptoms.


Quick Facts about ADD/ADHD


ADD/ADHD affects about 3 – 5% of school aged children.

Common Issues

ADD/ADHD is the most common neurobehavioral disorder of childhood.

Adults with ADD/ADHD

In adults, the hyperactivity and impulsivity may be less apparent


Testimonial from a recent client:

Testimonials from Recent Clients:

  • My daughter has not been the same since about 3 weeks into Neurofeedback with Tess Powers. Before, she wouldn’t listen to me or my husband when we asked her to do anything.  Requests to do chores, homework or simply turn down the TV were all met with blank stares.  Now she acknowledges us and acts more like a normal teenager.  She complains, but listens most of the time.  Her grades and attitude has improved!  We feel, because of Tess helping her with her ADD, that we have a happier, more adjusted daughter.” 

    — Mother of a 13 year old daughter —

  • “Working with Tess Powers was an absolute dream.  She is very careful in her initial assessment to make sure that Neurofeedback is actually going to be useful for the client.  I have no doubt that she would recommend another treatment, if necessary.  During every session, Tess is sitting there and is very attentive to how you are doing and she adjusts the settings based on what she is seeing on the screen.  She was even able to adjust to things going on in my life, such as difficulty sleeping.  I began seeing results after about 7-10 sessions and continue to see positive results today, even after 3 months of no sessions.  Working with Tess was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

    — Professional in Medical Industry —

  • I’ve been on ADD medicine since I was seven years old and anxiety medication since I was 18.  I’ve been working with Tess for about six months and I’m off all medications.  There are still a few times I don’t focus as well as I would like, but not enough that I need to take a pill.  I feel like the person I am meant to be!"

    — 30 year old professional —

  • "Tess, he is so much calmer and prefers to be outside playing - where before, he only wanted to watch TV or play video games - I LOVE this!  He is being a happy kid!"

    — Parent of 10 year old —


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